The Schooling Resource Standard in Australia

Cover of the Schooling Resource Standard in Australia report

The Schooling Resource Standard in Australia
Impacts on public schools

By Adam Rorris

Purpose of Analysis
The purpose of this expenditure analysis is to examine the extent to which budget allocations and financial agreements (between governments) will enable public schools to attain the Schooling Resource Standard (SRS) minimum funding levels that have been negotiated between governments.

The SRS is minimum funding required
The Schooling Resource Standard (SRS) is an estimate of how much total public funding a school needs to meet its students’ educational needs, and is based on recommendations from the 2011 Review of Funding for Schooling, led by Mr David Gonski AC. The SRS is made up of a base amount for all primary and secondary students and up
to six needs-based loadings for student priority cohorts and disadvantaged schools.
The SRS funding amounts were calculated by analysing funding levels in schools (known as ‘reference schools’) including where at least 80 per cent of students... READ FULL DOCUMENT